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Decades ago, computer crimes, also known as internet crimes, did not exist. However, they are now a common criminal activity in the state of California and across the United States. Internet crimes occur when an individual performs criminal acts through the means of the internet. If you have been charged with an internet crime, there are severe punishments tied to a conviction.

Our Glendale criminal defense attorneys can help protect you from the following punishments:

  • Classification of the crime
  • Severity of the crime
  • Previous record of internet malfeasance

As internet crimes are a blanket term that describes various types of offenses, the sentences will range depending on the circumstance. Internet crimes can be prosecuted under California law in the state courts. Anyone who accesses a computer or computer system and alters, disrupts, destroys, or changes, any information can be charged with an internet crime.

Aggressive Representation

If you have been charged with a criminal offense for an internet crime, you will want to aggressively fight your case with the legal guidance that is offered at The Law Offices of Wade J. Skalsky. With a thorough review of your case, our firm can help you build a strong defense to pursue the reduction or dismissal of your charges. Search and seizure of evidence is a common circumstance in computer crime cases and in some cases, law enforcement may have used improper protocol to obtain the evidence.

The Law Offices of Wade J. Skalsky has been assisting clients for years and our Glendale criminal defense lawyers use our experience to help you remain adequately protected. We can thoroughly investigate your case from start to finish and help you obtain your freedom. Contact us at your earliest convenience!

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